Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Top 5 Craziest Truck Accidents

Many out-of-this world automobile crashes occur every day, but the craziest one tend to be with trucks. Trucks tend to be in better condition after an accident because of their sheer size, but when a truck does get into an accident, the results can be astonishing. Here are five of the craziest truck accidents.

1.  Getting Stuck Under a Bridge

Clearance signs exist for a reason: They keep truck that are too high for a bridge or overpass from getting stuck. Still, some truck drivers sometimes miss these signs, and sometimes the signs are incorrect. When this happens, top of trucks can be clipped by the bridge, or in the worst cases, the truck gets stuck.

2.  Having a Car Stuck Beneath the Truck

Sometimes a truck will try to change lanes when a car is next to is. This can get the car lodged under the truck

3.   Wind Blowing the Truck Over

Trucks are susceptible to high winds, which can blow them over if the angle is just right.

4.   Truck Losing Its Load

Trucks toppling over can be humorous or dangerous depend on their contents. Hazardous chemicals can cause explosions, but a truck full of candy or chickens can be quite funny.

5.   Truck Losing Control of Breaks

When trucks lose control of their brakes, they are called “runaway” trucks. Special embankments are built on mountain roads for runaway trucks to use to stop.

Truck accidents can be surprising and dangerous, and if you see one, it can definitely grab your attention.

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